Former Neighbours star Ashleigh Brewer has revealed that she is joining the cast of Home and Away.

The actress, known for her Kate Ramsay role in the Aussie soap, has begun filming in Summer Bay as a new character called Chelsea.

"I'm very excited to dive into a show that is so long-standing and one that I know very well," the actress told Digital Spy.

"I was in LA when the role came up, so the audition side came to me by email and I recorded a tape that I sent through. I was later asked to do another tape, so I did that and then we signed off. It all happened really fast."

Brewer is not allowed to reveals facts about her character just yet, but she will play a police officer, who arrives in Summer Bay "to give a real shock" to an established character in the soap.

Asked it her new character was nice or nasty, Brewer said: "I would say she is an extremely nice person with a strong head on her shoulders, but she'll be causing a little bit of trouble through circumstances out of her control."

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