Decco finally confronts Mondo about Kerri-Ann's affair with some compelling evidence, take a look at this exclusive sneak peek from the next episode from Carrigstown here.

In the next episode of Fair City, Decco approaches Mondo in the pub and drops what appears to be an item of male clothing onto the table in front of him.

"Don't know what I'm supposed to say," a cagey Mondo responds.

"They're not mine, but they were found in my bedroom. Mine and Kerri-Ann's bedroom," Decco furiously counters.

Mondo tries to play it cool, asking him: "What are you saying?"

"Kerri-Ann had an affair, maybe she's still having one," Decco says.

When Mondo has the audacity to ask who he thinks his wife is having the affair with, Decco retorts through gritted teeth: "Don't lie to me."

The drama continues on Fair City on Tuesday March 13 at 8pm.

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