Coronation Street actor Jack P Shepherd has spoken about an upcoming sexual assault storyline regarding his character David Platt, saying he hopes it will get viewers talking and it could "help someone who has gone through something similar".

In scenes set to air on Friday March 16, David will be drugged and raped by his new friend, mechanic Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton) following a night of drinking.

After David wakes up the next morning in Josh's bed he starts to remember what happened to him. Ashamed and disgusted, he heads home and has to make the decision whether or not he can face reporting the crime.

In the coming weeks, David will struggle to cope in the aftermath of the attack, keeping it a secret from his friends and family who become increasingly worried about his behaviour.

Actor Jack P Shepherd talks about upcoming sexual assault storyline on Coronation Street
Actor Jack P Shepherd talks about upcoming sexual assault storyline on Coronation Street

Actor Shepherd said: "When I was told about the storyline Kate Oates and I met with Duncan from Survivors Manchester and that was when I realised the gravity and significance of the storyline.

"David's reaction and decision to remain quiet because he feels ashamed about what has happened is not uncommon.

"Hopefully people will start talking about the storyline and it could help someone who has gone through something similar to realise the need to open up and speak to somebody."

Corrie producer Oates said: "We decided to cover the topic of male rape to help try and highlight the culture of silence that surrounds male sexual assault, and issues surrounding male mental health in general."

She added: "Over the next few weeks of Corrie, our message is to talk: it's hard to speak out, but if you're suffering in silence, there are people out there willing to listen and support you."

Ryan Clayton, who plays the character of Josh, said: "Male rape is unrepresented in the media. There was a recent BBC documentary about it and in the first few minutes one victim said the public just don't see it or hear about it and I thought it seemed an important story that needs telling." 

If you have been affected by any of these issues please contact the Rape Crisis Centre on 1800 778 888 or the Samaritans on 116 123.