Coming up on Home and Away, Kat devises a plan to deal with Robbo, take a look at an exclusive sneak peek from Summer Bay here.

Kat is upset and tries to defend Robbo to Ash, saying: "The Robbo I know and love, this isn't him."

"All he's ever tried to do is protect me, and our baby", she later tells Ash.

Ash is unforgiving, saying: "The guy is a liar."

Kat tells him: "Ash, I want to do this my own way, I have a plan. I need to go to the police on my own. 

"If you're seen connected to any of this you could get in serious trouble."

A furious Robbo later demands to know where Kat is as she waits worriedly at home. What's her grand plan?

Also coming up, Coco organises an environmental protest on the beach.

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