American rapper and actor Fredro Starr was among the air passengers whose travel plans were severely affected by the Beast from the East, receiving a Planes, Trains and Automobiles-style tour of Ireland that he neither expected nor wanted.

Starr, a solo artist and member of Onyx, was en route to Prague for an Onyx show on Saturday when his 2013 song This Ain't My Day became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

"We got on in Chicago," he told RTÉ News at Dublin Airport. 

"Chicago should've told us that we was [sic] flying into the eye of the storm, because they knew that Prague was our final destination. We shouldn't have even came [sic] to Dublin!"

"So we got to Dublin," Starr continued. "We had to fly over Dublin. Then they circled around the airport. Then we flew to Shannon Belfast [sic]. Stayed on the runway three hours - three hours! - no water, nothing. This is Aer Lingus. Got off the runway, took a charter bus to the train station. Train station to the bus. Bus to the airport [Dublin].

"I love Ireland but I got to get out of here!"

While people on Twitter were sympathetic to Starr's plight, they were also keen to find out more about "Shannon Belfast".

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