From supermarket shelves being wiped clean of bread to people threatening to put their Christmas trees back up, it seems the nation doesn't know what to make of the Beast from the East.

Naturally, with the storm's authoritative title, people are intrigued as to what the climatic force would look like if it was human. Others reckon it needs a more neutral moniker.

BREAKING: #BeastFromTheEast changes its name to #StormDave.
‘I don’t know. Just ‘beast from the east’ sounded a bit weird and even pervy.’

— Garvan Grant (@garvangrant) February 25, 2018

Many people feared that their daily routine of tea and toast, not to mention crisp sandwiches, would be disrupted, which left many supermarkets with empty shelves.

Others were more concerned with how they would spend their 'snow day', and, of course, with schools closing it was all about snowball fights and building snowmen. 

With the roads slippy and public transport delays, Ireland came up with some clever ways to move about, along, while also expressing our fears about falling over.