YouTube star Jacksepticeye and fan Jane Anne O'Sullivan melted hearts on Friday's Late Late Show as the gamer comforted the youngster when appearing on live television became too much for her.

Jacksepticeye - aka Seán McLoughlin - had been taking questions from fans in the audience when the time came for Cork 14-year-old Jane Anne to have her moment in the spotlight.

A young face in the crowd about to have her moment in the spotlight

"I think you may actually burst if you don't get a question in you're so excited," said host Ryan Tubridy.

With that, Jane Anne started laughing, and then burst into tears. 

It all became too much for Jane Anne but she went on to play a blinder

Straight away, Tubridy was out of his chair to comfort Jane Anne, with Jack right behind him.

"Do you want to come up and ask him?" suggested Tubridy as every member of the audience realised they had something in their eye.

The heart-melting moment

With Jane Anne sitting beside Jack, she asked him to hold her hand to another chorus of "awwws" from the audience.

Regaining her composure, Jane Ann then asked: "What advice would you give me about how to stay positive when I feel overwhelmed?"

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"Good! Perfect question!" boomed Tubridy

"The first thing I'd do is bring you from the audience and sit you onstage," replied Jack. 

It'll do you good to watch the interview (again)

"For anybody it's different. Everybody enjoys their own different things and gets overwhelmed by different things in their lives. For some people this is overwhelming - you're doing fantastic, by the way."

"I think it's just taking your time with everything," Jack advised. "It's easy to think that everything's on top of you and the world's going to collapse on top of you if you don't figure out this thing right now that's happening. 

"But I think whatever you enjoy... If you enjoy movies, animé, games, whatever you like - boyband[s], anything at all - to just listen to them, watch them, do whatever you like, and just take it one step at a time." 

"A good piece of advice my sister gave me today was to "keep it in the day" - to not over-think things and to not get too far ahead of yourself," Jack concluded. 

"Because it's very easy to think that things are not going to work out. So just hold on and take it step by step and you'll get through it."

With that, there were more hugs and another slot was filled on the TV Moments of 2018 list. 

Top five, easily.

One of the TV Moments of 2018

Watch the interview in full on the RTÉ Player here.

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