Emmerdale actor Danny Miller, who plays Aaron Dingle on the soap, has said that the return of RobRon is a "reward" for fans of the show.

On Thursday night's hour-long episode, viewers were treated to the long-anticipated reunion between estranged couple Aaron Dingle and Robert Sudgen (Ryan Hawley), who fans lovingly dubbed RobRon.

The couple split last summer, much to the chagrin of viewers, but the duo have now finally reunited.

Miller said "it is a nice episode" and expects that "people can get back to where they were before" the couple split up.

He added that he had been promised by writers there would be "no more tears". Here's hoping they keep that promise.

When asked about the level of support from viewers, Miller said: "They've stood by it, and they love it.

"And that's hopefully what we're going to do, reward them with a RobRon episode."

Hawley added: "The fact that they'd write an episode like that, it shows how important it is to us as well as to the show, that people are that passionate about these characters and it is an incredible thing to have and we're both very grateful to it."

Emmerdale viewers took to Twitter after the scenes of RobRon's long-awaited reunion aired to voice their delight.

Emmerdale returns on Friday at 7.00pm.

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