Amy Huberman has said that it's "been lovely" to see the warm reception the second season of her legal drama Striking Out has received.

The second series of the show came to a close last Sunday and viewers were left on the edge of their seats.

Speaking to RTÉ Entertainment at the IFTAs, Huberman said: "It's been really exciting to see it take off again.

"For us, we filmed it last summer so you put it out of your head for a while and then you're watching it with fresh eyes because you haven't seen the edit and all that, so it's been great.

"You work really hard on something and all the producers and crew and all the cast, so of course it's really nice to see when people are responsive and receptive, so that's been lovely."

Is she keeping her fingers crossed for a third season to be commissioned?

"Fingers crossed, yeah", she said with a laugh.

The actress and writer also spoke about the dearth of female roles in the film and TV industry which was highlighted by the fact there were only three best lead actress in a film nominations at this year's IFTA's instead of the usual five.

"It is changing, it's not perfect now and there isn't parity, but I think it keeps these discussions alive and shows how important it is and how much has changed, but how much change has to come as well", she said.

"We need more writers, more female producers to tell women's stories, and men's stories, and that there are films and TV shows that are representing both."

Catch up on Striking Out on the RTÉ Player here.