On tonight's episode of Fair City, a confused Robbie kisses Aoife and then regrets it immediately when he realises he wants Carol back.

In Wednesday night's episode, Robbie tried to smooth things over with Carol when he explained to her why he slept with Aoife. 

Later, as Robbie begged Aoife to leave, Carol was in shock at seeing them together. Robbie tried to explain the situation but Carol wouldn't hear it and left, telling Orla it was over between her and Robbie. Robbie was devastated when Carol insisted that she can't trust him and their relationship is finished.

See what's in store in Thursday's episode of Fair City below.

The drama continues tonight as Carol refuses to let Robbie take Jack to school. Robbie further feels the strain as Carol makes Aoife uncomfortable.

A confused Robbie ends up kissing Aoife, but realises that he wants Carol back and is annoyed about the kiss.

Robbie realises he wants Carol back in tonight's Fair City

It all comes to a head when Carol and Robbie exchange words, but Robbie can't find the right thing to stay. A furious Carol ends up throwing a plate at him.

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