Blindboy Boatclub from the Rubber Bandits appeared on Wednesday night's Tommy Tiernan Show where he impressed viewers with his views of mental health and articulate way of expressing himself.

Tiernan commended the artistic and performer for his "amazing passion" and says he is "concerned about the country", which led to Blindboy discussing his decision to tackle issues surrounding mental health and the manner in which he discusses it.

Blindboy said he wanted to do something about the mental health issues in Ireland, explaining: "Being from Limerick, Limerick's got the highest rate of suicide in the country, Limerick is still technically kind of in recession, unemployment, Limerick got a fair wallop off the recession and it was mainly people my own age.

"The recession would have hit when I was in my early 20s and half my friends went to Australia or the other half died, and the ones that didn't die were left with severe mental health issues because of lack of support systems and the pressures of their daily life and the lack of seeing a future.

"I just found myself looking at my Facebook and Twitter one day and seeing that something like 70% of men under 30 in the country follow us online and I was going, how can I bring some, especially  the stuff I learned training to be a psychotherapist, how can I bring that to those people but do it in a medium that isn't intimidating, do it with a bag on my head, do it through a bit of craic."

He added: "I used to suffer  unbelievable depression and anxiety and I came out the other side of it using psychological tools and I wouldn't mind people learning a bit of that because a lot of it you can get through self help."

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Viewers took to Twitter to say how impressed they were with the Blindboy interview, saying he was "very refreshing", "empathetic", and "very much on the ball".

Other commentators called for him to get his own TV show.

The Tommy Tiernan Show airs on Wednesdays, 9.35pm on RTÉ One.