Robbo struggles to piece together his past with Novak and goes to extreme measures to make sure he doesn't hurt Kat.

When Robbo discovers that the CCTV system he installed in Kat's apartment isn't working properly, he desperately tries to find her.

The police find Novak’s car, and it’s registered to a wrecking yard - so Robbo races out to find where he’s taken Kat.

Robbo finds her tied inside a car which is about to be crushed. He jumps into the forklift, stopping the crusher and pulling Novak to the ground. Novak reaches for his gun, but Robbo knocks him out cold with a single punch and tries to hide the evidence.

Later, as Kat is examined by the doctor, the identity of the father of her baby is revealed, with Robbo finding out the truth.

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