On Monday night's Eastenders Ben and Jay get a rude awakening when the police show up, asking questions about suspicious activity in the area. They deny any knowledge but are shaken when shown a picture of Aidan, leaving them to wonder what Phil has been up to.

Also on Monday night, Shirley tells Whitney that her services are no longer required at the Queen Vic. As Whitney her choices, she tells Bex that there may be a new career path for her in Yorkshire.

Just as Whitney prepares to depart Albert Square, an unannounced Tiffany arrives on her doorstep .

Meanwhile, Masood is feebly engaged in bragging how successful he is with his new ice cream business. He even tells Jack that he might like to rent one of his flats for which he promises to pay the upfront. However, Masood encounters in serious difficulty trying to put the money together.

Elsewhere, Karen has a job interview at the launderette, which is about to re-open.

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