We have an exclusive sneak peek of the next episode of Fair City, take a look here.

In Wednesday night's episode from Carrigstown, Pete riles up Emmet by throwing a paper napkin in his direction and saying: "Emmet fetch that will you"

"I will go for you, if you don't think I won't," Emmet says furiously, while Pete responds "It wouldn't be the first time now would it."

Dr Oakley interjects and tries to calm the situation down by saying: "Let's not lose our heads".

Emmet assures Pete that the past incident "had nothing to do with us" but Tommy is suspicious, saying "And who is us exactly."

"That's the thing with puppets Tommy, there's always someone pulling their strings", Pete says ominously.

Pete then calls over Garda Doran and announces: "I'd like to report a crime".

Catch up on all the drama on Fair City on Wednesday, December 20 at 8pm on RTÉ One.

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