Fans of Australian soap Neighbours are set for a Christmas treat as legendary character Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) goes time travelling in special webisodes available on the RTÉ Player. 

The five-part Neighbours VS Time Travel sees Erinsborough's resident rogue and lothario Paul travelling back to 1985 and creating a parallel universe - with disastrous results.

Paul gets on the wrong side of 'The Toadfather' and Sonja

When Paul makes it back to present-day Ramsay Street, his daughter Amy has unwittingly married her brother Leo; Toadie is now a gangster, Gary is a genius and Karl is a successful musician.

With 'The Toadfather' in pursuit, can Paul set history straight? Find out by watching Neighbours VS Time Travel.

Sheila threatens to destroy Paul's time machine

Also available on the Player is Mrs Robinson, another web exclusive which explores the backstory of Paul's shock engagement to Courtney. He's a busy man!

Neighbours returns to RTÉ Television on January 8, 2018. 

The story behind that story!