Ed Sheeran has admitted that he loves UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and "everything Corbyn is about".

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter said that, although he did not back him, he believes the Labour leader cares about other people.

He told The Sunday Times' Culture magazine: "I love Corbyn. I love everything Corbyn is about. And I feel people thought that, because I didn't put myself behind him, I wasn't a Corbyn supporter.

"If you knew me as a person, and listened to my music, you would be able to make a pretty educated guess that he would be the kind of person I really dig."

He continued: "He cares about other people. He cares about all classes, races and generations, and that's how I was brought up - we need more people that care about everyone."

Jeremy Corbyn

Sheeran said fans are not interested in his opinion on politics. "I have political views but nobody buys my records going, 'I wonder what he thinks about politics?' Nobody," he insisted.

"People buy my records to put on while they make out. I'm not Mr Political. I vote the way I feel I should, but won't tell somebody else what to do."

The singer also talked about his fame and success, saying he is at a weird point because: "I've never felt this much adoration and I've never felt this much hate.

"It's a balance," he said, explaining he was off to an awards show where "50% of the musicians there think I'm the most uncool thing on the planet".