Mason is shocked when he discovers that Beth hasn't told her dad about their relationship on Thursday episode of Home and Away.

When Mason sees Beth and her father Alan together, he is confused to find that Beth hasn't told her father about their romance.

Beth apologises to Mason about not telling her parents, explaining that they would have disapproved as they want her to focus on her health. Beth's dad introduces himself and invites Mason to join the family for brunch.

At brunch, Alan and his wife Jackie interrogate Mason, who accidentally lets slip the reason he was in the hospital. Trying to save the awful brunch, Mason introduces Tori to Beth's family. Later, Alan tells Mason that although he seems genuine, he doesn't want Mason to see Beth anymore and tells him to stay away from her.

Elsewhere, Olivia is desperate to keep the business going, she delves into her trust fund for some extra cash and forge's Irene's signature on some cheques. Irene soon discovers what she has done and has some words of advice after due consideration.

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