Carol’s suspicions are reignited when she finds a letter in Karen's bag addressed to Robbie on Wednesday night's episode of Fair City.

And when she starts to search for evidence of an affair, Robbie loses his temper only for Carol to produce the illicit missive and read it out in front of him.

Meanwhile, Nora’s left conflicted when Juliet begs her to be her chaperone for another shoot on a school day as she can’t ask Ray. At the shoot, Hayley gets irritated when Nora tries on the product, a FitBit type wristband, and starts to pace up and down to test it out.

Elsewhere in Carrigstown, Wayne and Orla spar over his plans for the business when he tells her he wants Hayley’s help and not hers to make an online video, leaving her miffed.

Fair City continues on Wednesday night at 8.00pm on RTÉ One.

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