Friday night's double bill of Coronation Street had viewers on the edge of their seats after Pat Phelan suffered a brutal beating which led to him to formulating a revenge plot.

The nefarious builder, who is played by Connor McIntyre, was attacked in his own kitchen after Vinny (Ian Kelsey) sent a henchman to hurt him with a crowbar in retaliation for Phelan threatening his mum.

After fighting the heavy off, Phelan decided that he needed to deal with the Vinny issue for once and for all.

Pat Phelan's antics have viewers captivated

It seemed like Phelan had a sinister revenge plot in mind when he headed to see Vinny's mum and asked her to go to the beach. However, Phelan clearly changed his mind when she mentioned that Harvey was dropping by for a visit. 

Phelan has promised his hostage Andy Carver that he will replace him with someone else, and it looks like Vinny could be headed towards the basement.

Next week, the storyline is set to come to a head and Phelan is forced to make a drastic decision that could result in a character's death.

Corrie fans are loving Phelan's storyline and are mightily impressed with McIntyre's acting skills, saying he's "very chilling" and "the most entertaining villain ever".

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