There was plenty of twists and turns in Thursday night's double bill of Emmerdale as Robert Sugden implemented a dark plan, but what is he actually up to?

Robert went to drastic measures to fake the death of Chrissie's uncle Tim Richards, although it's still not clear what his intentions are.

Tim (Mark Moraghan) returned to the village early in the episode, and Robert (Ryan Hawley) takes advantage of his desperation by offering Tim one last job in exchange for cash.

The plan is preposterous - but Tim agrees to go along as he's lost everything. Robert asks him to drive straight at Chrissie at high speed so he can jump in and save her at the last minute.

Somewhat miraculously, the devious scheme worked out perfectly and Chrissie is under the impression that Tim tried to kill her and she survived only because of her ex Robert's quick thinking.

Robert assures Chrissie (Louise Marwood) and Lawrence (John Bowe) that he'll take care of Tim. He heads to meet him, but ends up brandishing a knife when Tim demands more money.

Later, a blood-soaked and shaken Robert turns up at Lawrence's and says he's murdered Tim and disposed of his body. "Oh my god... he wouldn't back down", Robert told Lawrence.

However, the truth is revealed later when viewers see Robert meeting up with Tim, who is preparing to head abroad with the cash he has earned.

When Tim asked Robert what he was up to, Robert responded enigmatically: "Have you ever heard of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?"

It remains to be seen what Robert is actually up to, and viewers are dying to find out. Despite the mystery, it seems like Robert's dastardly shenanigans are a hit with fans of the show.

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm on TV3 and ITV, with a double bill on Thursdays.

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