Four new original dramas from Storyland 2017 have now launched on the RTÉ Player, showcasing Irish talent across writing, acting, producing and directing.

Now in its seventh season, Storyland returns with more compelling stories that can be watched by audiences both at home and away. 

"This year Storyland is bringing four original Irish dramas to audiences in Ireland and around the world," David Crean, executive producer for RTÉ Television said.

"As well as introducing great new stories from new voices to the audience, Storyland is a significant part of RTÉ's commitment to developing creative talent from the island of Ireland."

On The Hemline is among the new Storyland dramas launching

The dramas are made in conjunction with Northern Ireland Screen, and will be available to watch exclusively on the RTÉ Player, and you can watch one of the dramas, Cry Rosa, with us right now.

Cry Rosa

Inspired by a true events, Cry Rosa tells the story of a bullied, mixed race girl who is the only non-white pupil at a rough inner city Belfast secondary school in the 1980s. Filmed in the city, Cry Rosa stars Kelly Gough, Martin McCann (Maze) and Grace Fleming. It was produced by Emma-Rosa Dias for Afro-Mic Productions, written by David McCrea and directed by Imogen Murphy. 

Watch Cry Rosa here:

Leave To Remain

A Kurdish political activist flees Iran and arrives by truck in Ireland. But the asylum system overwhelms him and he resorts to desperate measures to have his voice heard. Starring Bamshad Abedi-Amin, Karim Kadjar, Bahman Tehrani and Orla Fitzgerald, Leave To Remain was produced by Claire McCaughley for Treasure Entertainment, written by Colin Murphy and directed by Vincent Gallagher. 

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On The Hemline

Set in Cork, long-term unemployed northsider Martha needs to support her daughter Dawn's acceptance into a STEM programme in secondary school. Through the charity Hemline she meets recently widowed southsider Sheenagh. Their different worlds collide, but together they embark on a journey of self development that prepares Martha for her first job interview in years. Starring Eileen Walsh (Pure Mule) and Cathy Belton , On The Hemline is produced by Barbara Healy for Tyrella Films, written by Oonagh Kearney and directed by Oonagh Kearney. 

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A Sign of Things

Having lost his job after his factory closed, Dad, Daniel, is now seemingly devoting himself to the church. When his wife Shauna agrees to let a night club pay to advertise on the side of their house a family showdown ensues. Starring Nigel O’Neill (Game of Thrones), Mary Lindsey and Jenny Walsh, A Sign of Things is produced by Julie Gardner for Lacada Films, written by Ewen Glass, directed by Aidan Largey and filmed mainly in Belfast and Carrickfergus.

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