The downward spiral continues on Ray Donovan, it's the season finale for Stella, and there are documentaries about Donald Trump and Russia, and Lyme Disease in Ireland.

Pick of the Day

Ray Donovan, 9.00pm, Sky Atlantic

The death toll is starting to really add up in this rather downbeat fifth season of the Emmy-nominated crime drama starring Liev Schreiber as the eponymous Hollywood problem-fixer.

The story picks up in the aftermath of actress Natalie James’ murder, strangled and beaten by the husband she was trying to escape. If Ray is feeling any guilt, he doesn't really have time for it.

His life is in turmoil, his beloved Abby is gone, and now there's a Hollywood star lying murdered in the bed of his apartment. And there's not a chance of things getting any better anytime soon.

It's been a chaotic and often confusing season so far and there's more to come as the Donovan brothers get together to help Bunchy get his stolen million dollars back.

New or Returning Shows

Trump and Russia: Sex, Spies and Scandal, 10.00pm, Channel 4

Did the Trump campaign collude with the Russians? The story reads like an international thriller featuring spies, models and some of the most notorious political players.

A year after one of the greatest political upsets of all time, Matt Frei travels to Moscow and Washington to discover more about this alleged conspiracy.

Speaking to some of the insiders and examining the evidence, he explores the deep links between Trump confidants and Russia.

Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke, 8.00pm, Channel 4

In rural Gloucestershire, Simon and Lisa recently bought a pretty shoddy building which was such a nightmare that neighbours compared it to the house in The Amityville Horror. And not favourably.

George Clarke teams the couple up with creative architect Laura Clark, and her challenge is to come up with a scheme to turn this terrifying building into a warm and welcoming, modern home, while retaining some of its character.

Here's what to expect:

Legends of Tomorrow, 8.00pm, Sky 1

The time-travelling heroes are caught in a sticky spot as Victor Garber, Brandon Routh and Arthur Darvill return for a third season of this fun show from the DC Comics universe.

As they get their bearings, the gang realise that they have broken the timeline. And, to make matters a whole lot worse, Rory then goes and spots Julius Caesar in Aruba.

Landscape Artist of the Year, 8.00pm, Sky Arts

Hosts Joan Bakewell and Frank Skinner are joined by judges Tai Shan Schierenberg, Kathleen Soriano and Kate Bryan as Sky Arts launches a search for the UK's Landscape Artist of the Year 2017.

Each episode travels to an iconic location as the artists attempt to capture the historic scenes in their own inimitable style.

Episode one heads to Knaresborough in north Yorkshire, where a group of amateur and professional artists attempt to capture the stunning views of the town’s castle ruins and the picturesque bowling green in front.

Ending Today

Stella, 9.00pm, Sky 1

Stella’s graduation day arrives - but despite three years of hard graft, she’s not in the mood to celebrate.

That’s because the divide between her and Michael has grown even bigger, while the arrival of an old friend isn’t going to help much either.

Meanwhile, Aunty Brenda is borderline hysterical when she arranges to meet her real father and love is in the air for Nadine, though it’s not with someone anyone was expecting.

I'm Dying Up Here, 10.10pm, Sky Atlantic

It’s the season finale of the Jim Carrey-produced drama following the ups and downs of various comics working in the Los Angeles stand-up circuit during the 1970s.

Some of the group seem to be ending on a high, like Adam, who completes an epic set. Others aren’t so lucky, like Ralph, who was the unfortunate butt of the joke of Adam’s set.

Meanwhile, club owner Goldie forces Cassie to pick a side, and a shocking event changes everything for everyone.

Don't Miss

Living with Lyme Disease, 10.40pm, RTÉ One

This documentary tells the stories of various people in Ireland who are affected by Lyme Disease, a condition that can affect any organ of the body, and can be transmitted by a bite of a tick.

The disease can affect everyone from small children running around a field with tall grass to wildlife wardens, campers, zoologists and biologists, to people working in the wild and even strolling in a park.

It's very difficult to get a categorical diagnosis for Lyme Disease in Ireland which in some cases has tell-tale signs of a bull's eye rash with symptoms of stiffness and immobility developing over time.

Scary stuff, really.