Strange things are happening at Phoenix Way which result in an ambulance being called for Hannah...

After suffering a panic attack on Tuesday night's episode, Hannah is in a bad way. It doesn't help matters that the Phoenix Way group ganged-up on her and no one is believing anything she has to say about Miriam.

Doug arrives on the scene and is alarmed when Hannah won't wake up and Dr Oakley urges Miriam to call an ambulance. 

Here's a sneak peek at tonight's episode.

Elsewhere on Fair City tonight Mondo covers his guilt after kissing Kerri-Ann by being extra attentive to Melanie, but Ray, who caught him cheating, leaves him feeling worried when he passes remark on his actions. And Wayne’s big plans for the Helping Hand leave Orla wary as he continues to keep his agenda from Dolores. 

Fair City, RTÉ One, 8pm

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