Coronation Street star Bhavna Limbachia has said that Rana is feeling "very confused" about her romantic feelings toward her friend Kate, which is making her question her relationship with her partner Zeedan.

Rana ends up telling Zeeden that she wants a baby as a way of "proving to herself that she doesn't have feelings for Kate". However, Zeeden doesn't react how she wanted and is "really surprised" by her suggestion.

Limbachia said: "He starts asking her lots of questions and she tells him to forget she even mentioned it. She’s angry that he has questioned her because she knows in her in heart that it isn’t what she really wants and she hates the fact that he is not just going along with it."

Rana tells Zeeden she wants a baby but he doesn't react how she wants him to

Things get even more muddled for the couple when Zeeden suggests that they get legally married, which throws Rana's feelings towards Kate even more into focus.

"This is so difficult for her because is some ways it reinforces how she feels about Kate. She knows she should be thrilled with Zeedan’s wedding idea but at the moment it is the last thing she wants", she explained.

The actress added: "She doesn’t class herself as gay, or she doesn’t want to admit that she could be gay or bisexual. All she knows is she has feelings for Kate, it is the first time she has ever felt like this about a woman and she is trying to fight it. She doesn’t even know if Kate feels the same way about her. She thought she was happy with Zeedan and now she is having to question everything about her life and herself."

Imogen realises she doesn't have a future with Kate because of Rana

Kate's girlfriend Imogen realised that she doesn't have a future with Kate and puts the blame firmly at Rana's door, which makes Rana's feelings intensify.

Limbachia said: "It’s strange for her because she feels jealous of Imogen’s relationship with Kate but seeing them argue, and realising there are problems in their relationship, opens up a whole new can of worms for Rana. Kate is off limits when she is in a relationship but will it change things if she is single."

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