Alex Gibney has premiered his new documentary 'No Stone Unturned' at the New York Film Festival about the 1994 Loughlinisland Massacre in Northern Ireland.

The documentary director who is best known for his ground breaking documentaries on unfolding the world of scientology, business dealings in Enron, Wikileaks and Al-Qaeda became intrigued after he had been on a trip to Ireland and spent time in the bar where the unsolved murders of six men who had gathered to watch the Republic of Ireland football team compete in the World Cup.

In the documentary Gibney tries to establish who the gunmen were and why the crime remains unsolved.

Viewers in the US who are not au fait with Northern Irish politics greeted the film with mixed reviews stating that it was an investigation rather than a documentary with a conclusion. 

Gibney explores the long investigation by the police and many confusing leads, no perpetrators of the attack were ever found.

The documentary suggests that there may have been collusion. It contains reconstructions and interviews are conducted with members of the victim's families.