In an interview with Ryan Tubridy on Friday night's Late Late Show, Hillary Clinton admits that she feels she "let the world down" after losing last year's US Presidential race to Donald Trump. 

In an Irish television exclusive, the former US Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate was interviewed near her home in Chappaqua, upstate New York.   

Clinton talks about the extraordinary sequence of events that led to her losing the US presidential race to businessman and reality TV star Trump.

"I would have been really unhappy if I had lost to a normal Republican," she tells Tubridy in the interview. "But to lose to someone who I believed profoundly was not ready for the job, was temperamentally unqualified for the job, was such a burden.

"I just thought 'I've just let everybody down, I've let my country down, I've let the world down. How did this happen?'" 

She also talks candidly about the "forces interfering" in the election; how "painful" election night was for her; her shock at losing; the "bizarre" experience of attending President Trump’s inauguration, and why she agreed with former US President George W Bush that Trump’s speech was "some weird sh*t".

She also speaks about the danger that, she feels, President Trump presents to the world, as well as her strong ties with Ireland and the double standard she thinks is applied to women in politics.

Speaking about the interview, Late Late Show host Tubridy said: "She gave a very engaging interview about everything that happened, from standing outside the inauguration of Donald Trump feeling quite sick and wanting to scream into a pillow; right back to the election night and the horror of what was happening for her, as well as reflecting on the campaign.

"She was very happy to talk about Ireland, Irish politics and how much the country means to her and her husband.

"From the moment she walked into the room there was a warmth and humour I wasn't expecting. Indeed, there was a Hillary Clinton I wasn't expecting. I was really pleasantly surprised and I hope people enjoy the interview."

The Late Late Show, Friday, September 29 at 9.35pm on RTÉ One