RTÉ Entertainment chats to Elaine Cassidy, Morten Suurballe and Angeline Ball about new RTÉ drama, Acceptable Risk, which begins this Sunday on RTÉ One.

Cassidy plays Sarah Manning, and Irish woman married to Lee (Paul Popowich), an American, who works in sales at a big pharma company. He mysteriously ends up shot dead while in Canada on a business trip.

Morten Suurballe – the Danish actor best known for his role as Detective Chief Inspector Lennart Brixin The Killing – plays Lee's boss, while Angeline Ball stars as Detective Sergeant Emer Byrne, who investigates the murder from the Irish side of the Atlantic.

"It's a psychological drama/thriller," Elains Cassidy explains. "It's set between Dublin and Montreal, but predominantly in Dublin, and very early on . . . the character I play – Sarah Manning – learns that her husband has been shot in Montreal.

"It's eventually about finding out how and why, and those answers aren't clear cut."

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the video link above.