Carrigstown's answer to Burton and Taylor are back in each other's arms on Fair City this week as Paul and Niamh give in to passion once again.

A big week on the RTÉ One soap sees the former couple, played by Tony Tormey and Clelia Murphy, joining forces to take over Vino's as a quick sale is on the horizon.

Will it end in tears like all the other times?

Paul ditches his business partner when he catches him making a pass at Niamh. After Paul reveals his plans for Vino's, Niamh suggests she joins him in the business venture. 

But it isn't long before the lines between business and pleasure become blurred for the pair yet again.  

Fans can find out if this is a(nother) fresh start, or 'just' a one-night thing, when Fair City airs on Sunday and Tuesday to Thursday on RTÉ One at 8pm.