Yes, you read that right folks. If you are going to see Chris Rock at the 3Arena at the end of the month you need to leave your phone at home or place it under lock and key.

Comedian Chris Rock is bringing his stand-up show to the 3Arena on September 30 and if you are lucky enough to have secured yourself a ticket, you must now take note: mobile phones are not allowed.

If you do happen to bring your phone with you, you will have to place it in a Yondr Pouch for the duration of the show.

Blinded by the lights, disturbed by the ding: phones are banned by Chris Rock

But what is a Yondr Pouch?

According to promoters MCD a Yondr Pouch "allows phone signals to get through, so someone can feel a phone vibrate when a message arrives.

However, if you want to read that message you must "leave the room, have the device unlocked and use the phone in the lobby or outside".

Please - no phones at my gig! 

Chris Rock himself is "urging his fans to embrace Yondr and to take one night off from being the Paparazzo."

MCD also pointed out that the increasing use of phones at live events has created a problem for comedians who "spend months polishing their performances to a high state of hilarity only to have their punch-lines shared in advance by illegal recordings of their show."

So the advice is: "If you don’t want to surrender your phone to a Yondr pouch, then leave it a home, or in the car* and rather than seeing it as an inconvenience – see it as liberating and enjoy the moment."

*If you leave it in the car make sure it is in a spot where it can't be seen."