R&B star Usher showed James Corden some of his famous dance moves in the latest Carpool Karaoke - and let's just say the pair Burn it up.

After belting out Usher's 2004 chart-topping hit Yeah! the duo pulled over so the 38-year-old singer could teach Corden some awesome dance moves.

"I feel like I’m in a Broadway show," Corden said as he tries desperately to perfect his entrance walk, before Usher directed him to "Take the Fosse hands out!"

A frustrated Corden headed back to the Range Rover saying, "I'm never going to the club with you."

Later they drive by Usher’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and notice it has a dirt mark on it and they decide to clean it up as tourists watch. 

"Do you keep it clean? Do you take care of it?', James asks as they pull up.

"I try. I mean I just find it odd you work all these years as hard as you can only to have people walk all over you as a star," Usher responds, laughing.

The duo end their skit by helping push a broken-down car to its garage with Usher admitting, "I had no idea when i got in your car id be pushing cars and cleaning my star,"  before concluding their hilarious skit with a lively dance.

Watch the magic unfold below.