The trailer for 9/11, a new film about the 2001 New York terrorist attacks starring Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg, has been released and it has sparked a huge backlash online.

Reactions have ranged from disbelief to anger at the trailer for the drama, which sees Sheen trapped in a lift in the World Trade Centre as the September 11 terrorist attack takes place.

The melodramatic trailer shows Sheen's character, who is trapped in the North Tower along with a group of strangers, try to figure out a way to escape the building. Meanwhile, Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg's character, who appears to be a security guard monitoring the CCTV cameras, tries to help them escape.

The trailer features real footage of the 9/11 terrorist attack alongside the fictional story of a group of people's quest for survival.

The response on Twitter has not been positive, with many commentators branding the trailer "offensive" and "tasteless".


9/11 is directed by Martin Guigui, who previously helmed 1999's My X-Girlfriend’s Reception and the forthcoming Bachelorette Weekend.

It is due to be released in US cinemas on September 8, three days before the 16th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks.