Will Smith has lamented the loss of the mystery that existed when there was more distance between film star and fan.

"There was a certain amount of privacy and distance that you had from the audience," Smith said at the San Diego Comic-Con panel discussion for his forthcoming film, Bright. "That (limited) amount of access gave you a bigger-than-life kind of thing."

"I released my first record in '86, so I'm over 30 years in the business. I'm seeing that transition of, essentially, the fans being more and more involved in the creative process,"  reported Digital Spy. 

That "privacy and distance" between stars and their fans had almost disappeared, the actor observed, noting that "this shift into this new world is almost like a friendship with the fans".

Directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad), Bright has been described as `a surreal cop thriller' in which the LAPD is attempting to suppress sinister goings on. The movie also stars Noomi Rapace, Édgar Ramírez and Lucy Fry. It will premiere worldwide on Netflix on December 22.

In the movie, Smith stars as a human cop obliged to work with a unique partner in the police force, an orc called Jakoby (Joel Edgerton). Together, they set out to find a magic wand, which sounds like kids' fantasy, but Bright is apparently not a film for children.

Perhaps more certain to be included in that category is Aladdin which is also in the pipleline and in which Smith is set to play the new Genie.