Check out this brand new track from the forthcoming new album from missing in action Dublin band PictureHouse.

Cup of Life is from a new compilation album from the band, and lead singer Dave Brown has told RTÉ Entertainment that he hopes it has "all the energy and positivity" of their earlier work.

The band announced they would be releasing a best of featuring some of their favourite tracks entitled How Can I Explain How This Came To Be? - the first line from their very first single.

The album, which will be launched on August 25, features a remastered version of Sunburst, along with live favourites Fear of Flying, You and I, Raining Stones, Jade, Somebody Somewhere. The LP also boasts some new and unheard tracks.

Speaking to RTÉ Entertainment, lead singer Dave Browne said he wants the first new track on the album, Cup of Life (listen below), to put a smile on people's faces.

"It's a song about not wasting a single day and living your life to the full - stay young and drink the cup of life dry!

"When we left London and started making Shine Box it kind of fell through the cracks. We found it again recently and we love it more than ever now.

"The new track still has all the positivity and energy that we had at that time," Browne added.

This year marks 21 years since Shine Box was released and to celebrate the band are playing a special show in Dublin’s National Concert Hall on September 13.