There was more than a whiff of the infamous Blue Peter baby elephant incident on ITV show This Morning on Tuesday when a pony defecated live on air as hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield struggled to hide their laughter.

Miniature horse Monet was brought into studio for an item about guide ponies as an alternative to guide dogs when he was suddenly caught short and relieved himself on the floor.

Monet chose to create his own work of art on the studio carpet at the exact moment that Schofield was discussing the issue of ponies going to the toilet on the floor, leaving Willoughby in fits of laughter with tears streaming down her face.

Stifling a laugh, Schofield said, "There we go, perfect timing, absolutely perfect timing.

"I'm sure a person who had impaired sight would find that extremely useful on the kitchen rug. Well done - I think you've proved my point here that there are limitations between horses and dogs."

Willoughby was unable to speak for several moments while trying to maintain her composure. Monet's scene-stealing turn echoed a similar incident on BBC children's show Blue Peter in 1969 when Lulu the baby elephant also did her business on the studio floor on live TV. 

Willoughby eventually eventually regained her composure and said: "That was my favourite thing I've ever seen."

The trainer who had accompanied the horse on screen said: "He just wants to make himself known on TV for the wrong reasons."

For the remainder of the segment, which saw the trainer speak of the positives of having a guide pony, Willoughby struggled to keep a straight face.

The TV presenter said: "I'm so sorry, it's just because he's done a poo on the floor and it's sent us all a bit loopy!"

A member of the TV crew had to come onto the set to clean up the mess with two large bin bags, before a demonstration of how the miniature horse could aid a person in need took place.