Irish YouTube star and fitness fanatic Rob Lipsett is one of the latest contestants to join the reality series Love Island, and according to his sister he "wants to enjoy himself" but won't be causing any "drama" on the show.

Speaking on Breakfast Republic on RTÉ 2fm, Rob's sister Roz, who is a massive fan of the ITV show, says she thinks he won't be ruffling any feathers.

The series sees a bunch of guys and girls shack up in a villa in Majorca, with the aim of coupling off. The strongest couples go to the final where they choose between love or money.

25-year-old Dubliner Rob is recently out of a six-year-relationship, and his sister Roz says he has an open mind about finding love on the show.

"He saw how beautiful all the girls are, he's single now for a while," she said, adding that he wants to "go in, enjoy himself and see if he connects with anyone."

"He's not the type to force it. He wouldn't do it just for the game, whereas I think other contestants would. He's very genuine," Roz added.

Roz has reservations about Rob succeeding on the show, which she describes as "very tactical". While the other male contestants are "extremely confident," "in your face" and "know all about the show," Rob was "so nervous" joining the series and is "a bit shy".

"He's not the type to step on people's toes, he's not the type to cause drama, he doesn't shout at people," she said, adding, "I hope we get to see Rob that we know and love, the way he is in person."

And does she think he'll be hopping into bed with any of the contestants?

"Remember Mum's watching! The family priest is even watching!" Roz said with a laugh.

"I think he'll have self control. Also, I thought that they'd ply them with alcohol but Rob said they're limited to two drinks a night, so there won't be any drunken debauchery anyway," she said.