Sofia Boutella, who plays the lead role in new action/horror movie The Mummy, has told RTÉ Entertainment, that the female is far more deadly than the male. 

The Algerian actress, who starred as no nonsense alien Jaylah in last summer's Star Trek: Beyond, returns as Ahmanet, an ancient Egyptian princess who is mistakenly awoken from the dead and tries to reclaim dominion over mankind.  

Speaking to RTÉ Entertainment, Boutella said: "Have you ever pissed off a woman? She's far more lethal than a man. Hell hath no fury like a women scorned - I just discovered that saying. I did not know it and it is very relevant to this movie as well."

Boutella co-stars in The Mummy, the first of a projected Dark Universe franchise from Universal, with Tom Cruise as artefact hunter Nick Morton and Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll.

But despite those alpha male credentials, Boutella and her co-star Annabelle Wallis of Peaky Blinders fame make The Mummy a very female-led movie. 

"Alex Kurtzman, the director, was so intelligent in doing that," Boutella says. "He was spot on and was sensitive enough to know that this is needed these days.

"I think it's empowering for a woman and more roles are needed out there for woman and I love the fact that my character and Annabelle's character are opinionated, strong females, driven, and they're not being victimised by the film and they're not victimising themselves either,"

The Mummy is in Irish cinemas on Friday, June 9.

Click on the video link to watch our full interview with Sofia and hear how she learnt some of Tom Cruise's acting secrets while making The Mummy.