Javier Bardem has opened up about the  benefits of attending regular therapy sessions, in his case alternate bi-lingual ones.

The Spanish actor is known for tough, demanding roles, like the part of Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men and Raoul Silva in Skyfall.

To help deal with the harsh demands of such roles and to tease out own personal challenges, Bardem has hired the services of two therapists, one English-speaking and one Spanish-speaking.

"Everybody should do therapy," the actor told U.S. Esquire magazine. "We are full of things we cannot answer for ourselves. Some of them will be answered, some not. But the health is in asking questions."

Bardem said that spending time with his wife, Penelope Cruz, and their six-year-old son Leo and daughter Luna (3). parenting gives him great personal gratification.

"Before becoming a parent, you never experience that kind of love, which is called 'unconditional love'. It's terrifying," he admitted. "Being away more than two weeks almost breaks my heart, my body starts to feel physical symptoms."

Bardem and Cruz are currently filming the movie Escobar, which concerns the infamous Colombian drug baron, Pablo Escobar and his relationship with journalist Virginia Vallejo.

"I knew since the beginning, since I dreamed it, that Penelope was going to be perfect for the lover (the Vallejo role)," said Bardem.