Author Joanna Trollope has criticised JK Rowling and compared the Harry Potter writer to Kim Kardashian for her "insatiable" appetite for social media.

Trollope, famous for novels such as A Village Affair and A Passionate Man, told the Daily Mail that she thinks artists who air their opinions over platforms such as Twitter are being unduly influenced by their ego. 

Joanna Trollope: not happy with JK's tweeting

Trollope also claimed that overuse of Twitter posed a threat to the entire literary industry.

"Creating this mass following and tweeting several times a day is like wanting to be [the pop star] Cheryl or Kim Kardashian," she said. 

"Some writers like JK Rowling have this insatiable need and desire to be out there all the time, and that’s entirely driven by their ego."

Rowling is one of the most influential celebrities on Twitter with 10.3 million followers and is unlikely to take the criticism lying down.