Ireland's Eurovision hopeful Brendan Murray has told Dutch television that he was rooting for Hometown pal Dale on Dancing with the Stars.

"One of the guys, Dale, he was on a new show in Ireland called Dancing with the Stars," Brendan told TV channel  ESCKAZ. 

"He did really well in Ireland, he got to the semi-final and we were rooting for him every week.

"The guys are all taking on individual projects themselves, and we still keep in contact, we’re still the best of friends.”

Murray says he had been getting messages on Twitter and Instagram pleading with him to come to Amsterdam as soon as possible. “There were people at the airport there to meet me this morning, it was nuts, it’s like nothing I pictured at all.

“It’s crazy, it’s my first time here. I’m delighted to be here, it’s been a crazy week, we were in Israel all week, now we’re here, it’s mental.

Murray recalled the Irish gang’s arrival in Tel Aviv at 4.00am last Tuesday morning, “So we only got three hours sleep. Tuesday we did a tour of Jerusalem all day, back to the hotel, got ready, we went to the red carpet then and spent the night there, it was great.

“Wednesday night we had the performance and a bit more sightseeing. Thursday we had a cruise then, it’s been amazing.”

Ireland's Eurovision entry, Dying to Try, was co-written by Jörgen Elofsson and James Newman. Elofsson has written songs for Westlife, Britney Spears and Leona Lewis, while Newman has penned songs for Rudimental and Little Mix.

Managed by Louis Walsh, Murray, who hails form Galway was born in 1996, which was the last year Ireland won the competition.

"I'll be someone's first Eurovision memory and I'm delighted to get the chance," he recently told RTÉ Entertainment.

The first Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final takes place on May 9 with Ireland in the second Semi-Final on May 11. The Grand Final is on May 13.