Let It Shine judge Martin Kemp has revealed he could be returning to soapland but he won’t be coming back from the dead in EastEnders.

The 55-year-old actor who played Steve Owen on the BBC show told Express.co.uk that he had been offered a role in another popular TV soap. "I was just asked to be in one recently, but I can't tell you which one," he said.

"Most of the fun that comes in this business is not knowing what's around the corner, not knowing what the next email is,“ Kemp added. “So I always look at something when it comes and think how much fun can I get out of that and that's the excitement of doing what I do."

Kemp’s Steve Owen character was killed off in a car explosion in 2002. Last year, he told the Daily Star that he was not returning to EastEnders. "I can't go back. They blew me up, I'm in bits.” he quipped.

"To be honest, I was quite surprised that they killed me off as the part was so big. But I've realised since that it was good as it has allowed me to do other things."

Kemp first came to public notice as the bass player with the band in Spandau Ballet. He became known as an actor after he and his brother Gary played London gangsters the Kray twins in a 1990 film.