Tom Hiddleston admits being in the public eye makes him ''vulnerable to projections'' and says it can be tough for him to deal with the fame game.

The 36-year-old Kong: Skull Island, who dominated showbiz headlines last year over his whirlwind fling with pop sensation Taylor Swift, says he is lucky to have a good support system around him.

''Anyone in the public eye becomes vulnerable to projections. People will say good and bad things. Many are not true," he told The Evening Standard newspaper. "So you just hold on to reality. I do that through my family and my friends."

Opening up about his brief romance with 27-year-old Swift, Hiddleston who is currently single, said his work projects are taking up all of his time; and he doesn't have time for a relationship.

''The only thing I care about is the work - that's what I've dedicated myself to. In the end, that's the only thing that has any impact. I'm honoured if it's meant anything to anyone.''

Despite all of the scrutiny that came with dating the Shake it Off singer The Night Manager star admitted he had the ''best time'' with Swift and said he'll always cherish his time with the ''kind and lovely'' singer.

''Taylor Swift is an amazing woman. She's generous and kind and lovely, and we had the best time.''

The former couple decided to call it quits in September 2016 after less than three months together. According to multiple publications, Swift made the call to end their budding relationship as the actor wanted to make it "too public".

The A-list pair made headlines in June after photos of them kissing on a beach in Rhode Island were published, shortly after Swift and former boyfriend Calvin Harris announced their break-up.

TayTo immediately became a public obsession worldwide, but many pondered that their partnership was some kind of elaborate publicity stunt, perhaps to land Hiddleston the coveted role as suave British agent James Bond. 

The pair were famously photographed jet-setting around the world together, and Hiddleston even went so far as to wear a 'I heart T.S.' t-shirt at her star-studded Fourth of July party. He may never live that one down.