In what has got to be the funniest video clip of the year so far, a professor was left red-faced when his two children gatecrashed his very serious interview live on BBC News and basically stole the show.

Professor Robert Kelly from Pusan National University in South Korea was talking about recent upheavals in South Korean politics on a broadcast this morning when the two adorable but unwelcome visitors wandered into the room.

As the Prof relays his very serious views, his young daughter - wearing sunglasses and doing a funny walk-dance - toddles in and takes a seat behind him.

Alerted to the interloper's presence, the good professor calmly tries to discreetly (well, kinda discreetly) push the child out of view . . . 

However, then comes the kicker - a baby in a stroller rolls into view through the open door, swiftly followed by Kelly's very stressed and very mortified wife, Kim Jung-A, who quickly drags the kids out of the room. 

In a since deleted tweet, BBC journalist Julia Macfarlane posted, "When the kids interrupt you in the middle of live TV... A lovely moment and masterfully handled by our guest this morning on South Korea".

Too Funny. All we needed was for Professor Kelly's extremely cute kids to protest, "I didn't interrupt you when you were speaking!"