Series three of Catastrophe made a welcome return to our screens last night and fans were quick to praise the show on social media.

Leading stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, who play the show's lovable but flawed married couple, argued and bantered their way through the episode, which picked up after the events of season two, which saw Sharon cheat on Rob.

In a row over Sharon's adultery, Rob revealed that he looked through her computer for clues as he was suspicious of her behaviour before she confessed to cheating.

He said of her internet browser history: "It's primarily black guys and fat Johnny Depps. I can't compete with that."

The amusing reference to the A-list actor resonated with viewers, with many searching for the term online themselves, which had a spike in Google Trends.

The show continued to impress viewers with its "lewd honestly" and "realism", with one saying it's the "most brilliantly written, hilarious, & beautifully, brutally honest show on tv."

Delaney revealed on Twitter that Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson will be appearing in the second episode of season two, while Sharon Horgan previously promised that the late Carrie Fisher will have a "bigger, chunkier" role in the new series.

Catastrophe continues on Channel 4 next Tuesday at 10pm.