Gogglebox Ireland returns to our screens tonight on TV3 and, along with your favourite families are two new faces from Co Clare who span the generations.

Five families have been added to the rota of TV commentators on the hugely popular Gogglebox Ireland and tonight we meet 16-year-old Tadhg and his granny Ettie.

Tadhg visits his Granny in Clonlara every day and stays overnight as often as he can - and says he considers Ettie "his second Mammy". Awwww.

Tadhg and Granny Ettie have travelled the world together

Ettie spent 8 years in the UK working as a nurse and returned to Ireland in 1976 in order to raise her family. According to the programme makers the two enjoy a very special bond and the pair have even travelled the world together, including a trip to Australia to Tadhg's Uncle for a month last year.

When it comes to TV, Ettie is a big fan of The Chase, Antiques Roadshow and WW2 documentaries, while we're told Tadhg is a big fan of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad with Big Brother something of a guilty pleasure.

The Tully twins are not impressed with Jedward on Celebrity Big Brother

Just as well as on tonight’s show Tadhg - and Ettie - let us know exactly what they think of Jedward and their housemates on Celebrity Big Brother, while fan favourites, the Tully twins complain that John and Edward give twins a bad name!

Gogglebox Ireland, TV3, 9pm