Christy Dignam says he doesn't measure success in commercial return but admits he would "love lots of money" so he could pay off his "big mortgage" before he dies.

The 56-year-old Dubliner, who is battling incurable cancer, was a guest on The Tommy Tiernan show last night and admitted he tries not to think about his illness but reveals he worries his wife of twenty years will struggle financially after he passes.

"I don't feel any different. I just don't think about it. It's not something that you want to be thinking about all the time," Dignam told Tommy on the prospect of death.

The Finglas man, whose career of over twenty-five years has been characterised by numerous successes on the Irish charts, says he merits his work on writing original material that makes an impact on people.

"I don't measure success in commercial return. I measure success in the quality of work you put out there.

"I remember thinking years ago that in 50 years time people are going to look at Boyzone stuff - I'm not picking on Boyzone particularly - and Aslan stuff. I think that people will see the quality of our stuff there.

"Even though Boyzone have had more success and they are much richer than we are. We've written two songs, Crazy World and This Is, and to me they are two songs that will go down in Irish history as really good songs. That's all I care about.

"Obviously, I would still love lots of money, I've a big mortgage. That's something I worry about. I wanted to get the mortgage done before I died so my wife is not struggling after I go. We still have the realities of that.

"For those reasons obviously you'd love a bit of success to sort that out," Dignam added.

If he could turn back the clocks Dignam says he wouldn't change anything about his band and their rise to fame and admits writing original material was always his main priority.

"I don't need the acknowledgement or the endorsement of being successful in America or Britain.

"If you went to the 18 year old Christy Dignam and had given me the option of either writing two really great songs that are going to go down in Irish history or the option to cover a whole load of other people's great songs and do nice versions of them, and make loads of money but never write anything yourself, I would have picked the life I got. That's all I really care about," he said.

"I'm not going to be a bullsh*tter and say the money doesn't mean anything because obviously it does mean something.I'd love to be rich but when I started this band that wasn't my agenda.

"In fact, when I started it was during the whole punk ethos so it was against all that. It was against commerciality and people abusing musicians and stuff. I got what I asked for unfortunately," he laughed.

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