George Michael was one of the biggest global music stars of the 80s and 90s. From his early chart success with Wham! to his solo career, his songs provided the soundtrack to the lives of a generation. 

Few artists make the transition as successfully as he did, from uptempo teen pop to critically acclaimed solo act - a testament to his talent as a songwriter and gifted producer. 

Although his output waned from the mid '90s following a protracted legal battle with Sony, he leaves behind a remarkable back catalogue of hits which showed his range as a songwriter from haunting ballads (Careless Whisper), to carefree pop (Fastlove) and even self parody (Outside). 

Here is your ultimate soundtrack to remember the late, great George Michael.

1983: Club Tropicana

The era of shuttlecocks down the shorts, George and Andrew epitomised shiny 80s pop and the Thatcher Era (despite being ardent Labour party supporters) in this chart classic.

1984: Careless Whisper 

The soundtrack to a thousand slow sets - George wrote this song about love and two-timing guilt when he was just 17 years of age. He remained a bit flummoxed by its enduring popularity but it was his first breakaway single and paved the way for a solo career.

1984: Last Christmas

A bona fide Christmas classic, the song was held off the top spot by Band Aid. However all proceeds from the Wham! also went to aid famine relief in Ethiopia. Of course it now takes on a whole new poignant meaning following George's death on Christmas Day

1985: I'm Your Man

One of the last - and arguably best - Wham! singles, we're seeing the first signs of that emerging designer stubble on George. A pop classic.

1986: The Edge of Heaven

This was the swansong for Wham and they went out with a bang.

1987: Faith

The first 'proper' solo single from the singer and it marked change in direction towards a much more grow-up sound and style. The iconic designer stubble, the leather jacket and the aviators were an iconic image for the MTV age.

1990: Freedom! '90

So much for the leather jacket! The second single from his album Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 was a declaration of war against his new found superstardom. The video - which didn't feature George like much of his output at that time - showed the rhinestone studded leather jacket going up in flames.

1991: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

One of the most iconic duets of all time. George and Elton performed this at the Live Aid concert in 1985 - but this live recording from his penultimate Wembley show went on to top the charts the world over

1996: Jesus To A Child

After a long absence George was back with a new album, Older. The first single was a haunting ballad which he wrote as a tribute to his late partner Anselmo Feleppa who passed away a few years previously from an AIDS related condition.

1998: Outside

Now this really is getting ahead of the story and owning it. Following his arrest for a "lewd act" in Beverly Hills George Michael released this song along with a tongue-in-cheek video which parodied the whole incident and endeared himself to fans the world over.

1999: As (featuring Mary J Blige)

Another epic duet. While he held his own opposite Aretha Franklin on I Knew You Were Waiting over a decade earlier, he was paired with another incredible vocalist on this cover of a Stevie Wonder song.

2002: Shoot The Dog

Not known for getting political in his lyrics, George really went for it on this track lambasting the 'special relationship' between George W Bush and Tony Blair as the Iraq War loomed. A massive backlash followed in the United States where he was labelled a "washed up pop-pervert" no less.

2004: Flawless (Go to the City)

Back to the dancefloor again for this upbeat number from the album Patience.  Using a sample of the Ones' original dance hit, he dedicated this song to his gay fanbase saying it was "one for the boys".

2012: White Light

After his near death experience in 2011, during which he was hospitalised for pneumonia in Vienna, the singer make a swift recovery and released this song - a joyous ode to being alive. Check out the cameo from Kate Moss in the video.