Naomie Harris has said she received daily advice from her Collateral Beauty co-star Will Smith on set, with the actor teaching her to be more generous with other people.

The actors teamed up for the first time in the David Frankel-directed drama, which hits cinemas today (December 26), and Smith played a part in Harris' reasoning for signing on to star.

"I did [jump straight in]. I read it, it made me cry, the script, and I was just like, this is going to be an incredibly healing movie for a lot of people, and so I really wanted to be part of it," Harris told RTÉ Entertainment. "And also, I've wanted to work with Will Smith for a long time as well."

On set, Smith would pass on some life lessons to his co-star, with Harris dubbing the exchange "Will's Wisdom of the Day."

"I think the biggest thing that he taught me was the importance of being open to other people," Harris said. "You know, really that everyone has something to teach us."

"And the other lesson he taught me was how to be more generous with other people, because he said, 'Every single person you meet is going through something, nobody has it easy in life and you have the opportunity to make that person's life – even for a couple of seconds just by a smile – better, so why not do that?'"

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