Helen Mirren has said she feels her new movie Collateral Beauty has an important message for audiences at this time of global change, and she hopes it will inspire viewers.

Collateral Beauty tells the story of Howard, played by Will Smith, a man who is grieving after the death of his 6-year-old daughter. Questioning everything about his life and the universe, Howard writes letters to Death, Time and Love, and receives some unexpected replies.

Speaking exclusively to RTÉ Entertainment, Mirren said when asked if she felt the message of the film was particularly relevant in this time of change and uncertainty, "Yes, I do actually.

"You know, I don't like message movies, but at the same time, I think our role as artists is to reveal and to inspire, if you can, so I think the internal message of this movie is... The more difficult circumstances can be, the more inspiring and extraordinary life can be.

"So there is this amazing conflict or balance in life, if you like. So for anyone in difficult dark, moments, just to be reminded of the fact that inspiration, or love or whatever you want to call it, exists, it's a good thing."

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Collateral Beauty hits cinemas on December 26.