Bridget & Eamon stars Jennifer Zamparelli and Bernard O'Shea have said they are trying to keep their performance anxiety in check ahead of their hit comedy's return to RTÉ2 next Monday night.

After an acclaimed first series on RTÉ2 earlier this year, and the show's premiere on UK Gold in October, Ireland's premier 'mid-Midlands' couple are set for even more situational shenanigans and relationship ructions in season two.

Along with turning visiting American couple Mikey (Mark Huberman) and Barbara (Aoibhinn McGinnity) into their BFFs, Bridget and Eamon will also solve a murder, run for election and receive a visit from the Mob. Eamon's mother could also be accidentally killed during the course of the series. 

Quite the foursome...

"Eamon is even grumpier and Bridget wants more stuff like hairdressing and talking," said star O'Shea. "It's always nervous building up to a first episode and I hope people enjoy it as much as we did making the series."

Eamon was none-too-impressed with Fr Gabriel's (Edwin Sammon) bragging

"I'm thrilled and slightly terrified to be back for a second season," added co-star and co-writer Zamparelli. "I definitely feel more pressure and I really hope people like it. It was a marathon to write and shoot, so I'm surprised I made it out alive!"

Mark Huberman (far left) and Aoibhinn McGinnity (far right) - Joining in the fun

Bridget & Eamon is on Monday on RTÉ2 at 9:30pm. If you can't last that long, immediate gratification is available now on the RTÉ Player in the form of special extras with the couple. 

Bridget and Eamon's pre-show tension was also visible on Friday night's Late Late, when they took part in the resurrection of classic RTÉ game show Quicksilver.