Bruce Springsteen told Ryan on last night's Late Late Show interview that he feared someone would die when he played Slane with the E Street Band in 1985.

“We hadn’t played for 90,000 before, it was the first time, " the singer recalled. "We came out and the audience was rowdy and swaying this way and swaying that way, and people were dropping into little holes in the crowd.

"All I was thinking was someone is going to get hurt and it’s going to be on me, it is going to be my responsibility. It really concerned me very deeply and I had half of a nervous breakdown during the intermission. I think Pete Townsend was there and he said, ‘oh yeah, that’s what it’s like’.

The Boss particularly enjoyed his Dublin concerts earlier this year and the enthusiastic Irish welcome he characteristically receives he says is 'very lovely.' 

"I am deeply appreciative and I am blessed at this point in my life to have an audience like that, to be able to perform still to the best of our abilities, to bring more glory to our band’s name and it’s a good life, I have no complaints.”